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Coronavirus vaccine must be affordable and accessible – The Conversation CA

March 25, 2020
The race is on to develop a vaccine to protect against COVID-19. Germany, the United States, the European Union and others have collectively committed more than a billion dollars. On March 11, Canada announced it would provide $275 million toward the research and development of some of the worlds most promising candidate vaccines, diagnostics

Johnson & Johnson CEO on potential coronavirus vaccine: ‘I think we’ll have important data by the end of the year’ – Fox News

March 23, 2020
In an exclusive interview on Sunday Morning Futures, Alex Gorsky, the CEO of Johnson & Johnson,discussed his companys efforts to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, saying, I think well have important data by the end of the year. Gorsky discussed the goals as many hospitals have beenoverwhelmed amid the coronavirus pandemic, with officials saying
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