Swiss to vote on ending COVID-19 restrictions – New York Post

Swiss citizens will vote tomorrow on whether to eliminate some COVID-19 restrictions including the neutral nations controversial COVID certificate, according to reports.

The certificate restricts many public places to those who can provide proof of vaccination, a recent negative test, or recovery from a past infection, according to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.

It has been the subject of protests especially since the Swiss government stopped providing free COVID-19 tests. Critics have alleged its effectively a vaccine passport.

Sundays referendum is the second time COVID controls in the country will be put to voters. In a summer referendum, 60 percent backed the governments COVID law, according to the SBC.

Turnout is expected to be higher for this weekends vote.

A poll by Swiss broadcaster SRG found the COVID-19 law was expected to survive again, with 61 percent of likely voters in favor, 38 percent opposed, and one percent undecided, according to Bloomberg.

Fewer than 65 percent of Swiss are fully-vaccinated a lower percentage than in most of Western Europe, the outlet reported.

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Swiss to vote on ending COVID-19 restrictions - New York Post

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