We are all in for COVID-19 education. – Verizon News

With states and countries working to expand access to authorized COVID-19 vaccines, we are doing our part alongside the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative to promote educational resources and information to increase benefits of getting vaccinated.

As part of that effort, our leaders are engaging in a digital campaign inviting others to support COVID-19 vaccine education. To encourage people to join in, our Verizon leaders are taking to social media for a game of tag by asking, Are you in? Hans will begin the chain by sharing photos of memorable pre-COVID experiences he is looking forward to getting back to, and tagging other leaders and VTeamers to join him in support of vaccine education. The goal is to encourage education and awareness while remembering all the ways we will celebrate when restrictions are lifted and we can safely come together.

Through our responsible-business plan, Citizen Verizon, we are committed to driving economic, environmental and social advancement that will ultimately build a more equitable and inclusive future for all. And that includes how we stepped up and responded during the pandemic to help society rise up and recover. No matter the challenge, our network has been there when our customers and communities needed it most, and this experience further strengthens and emboldens our purpose to move the world forward for everyone.

Looking forward, our support will play a central role as the threat of the pandemic recedes. With the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, we have an opportunity to join forces with our partners to provide information and resources to our most vulnerable communities. That way, we can all get back to connecting in real life.

Most importantly, take a look at these resources to stay safe and healthy.

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We are all in for COVID-19 education. - Verizon News

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