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COLUMBUS, Miss (WCBI)- As the coronavirus vaccine is becoming more widely available; there are some things that still turn peoples heads; some believe taking it is the right thing to do while others think differently.

There are many negative and positive outlooks on the vaccine and these folks weigh their opinion about getting the shot and if others should or not.

It was just my way of helping out I mean anything I can do to help stop spread this virus Im going to do it, said Kelly Denton.

I think people are scared too you know what I mean as far as taking it because this is the quickest medicine theyve ever had. A lot of people arent trusting the government a lot of people arent trusting our hospitals even in Columbus, said Shontae Miller.

First and foremost my family; and also Im a small business owner so to protect the health and safety of my clients, said Laura Vernon.

She also weighed in on why others should take the shot.

I certainly think its the most proactive way to try to put an end to this virus, said Vernon.

Science proves it works and I dont want to be on the losing end, said James Lowe

As for his opinion on if people should get it.

Thats up to them I think it should be an individual choice, it shouldnt be mandated, and if they dont want to make it thats up to them, said Lowe

Vaccines are available for essential workers, high-risk adults 65 and older, and healthcare officials.

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Will you be getting the vaccination shot - WCBI

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